It was a pleasure working with Fawn Jech!

It was a pleasure working with Fawn Jech! We could count on her: She was highly reliable and was always responsive to text and phone calls. On multiple occasions we were pleasantly surprised when she provided us with additional information based on conversations and concerns we’d had. Without us asking, she called the utility companies and requested prior bill amounts so that we had an idea of how much we’d need to budget for. This was something she did for us because she wanted us to be fully aware of what we were getting into and this is a great example of her willingness to go the extra mile to make sure we were happy well after we found our house. She was very patient and did a great job of explaining the different parts of the process when we bought our home. She has home renovation experience so whenever we had concerns about a part of a house she usually had a suggestion or two for how we could fix or improve it. We highly recommend her as your future realtor!

— Booth